Mr. Yovav Sameah, CEO, ScoutCam, a leading provider of image-based solutions (including cloud and AI

Advancing Industry 4.0 with Cutting Edge Predictive Maintenance Technology

Efficient, cost-effective and able to withstand the most extreme conditions, ScoutCam's

When NASA Deploys ScoutCam’s Miniature HD Camera in Space

This video presents the use of ScoutCam micro 8.0 HD camera as part of NASA ’s mission in space,

Knee Exploration with ScoutCam 1.2mm CMOS camera

ScoutCam 1.2mm CMOS camera measures at only 1.2mm (camera diameter) x 5mm (camera length). This

Hollowed 1.9mm screw inspection

ScoutCam‘s unique Camera-as-a-Sensor™ technology, as presented in the video (ScoutCam 1.9mm

ScoutCam 1.8 thread drilling inspection camera

ScoutCam offers a 1.8mm inspection camera and technology which is a multi-environment solution

ScoutCam 3.45mm video sample

ScoutCam series cameras highlight a variety of smart features and precise color accuracy to

Hand Video Sample with ScoutCam 3.45mm camera

ScoutCam 3.45mm diameter is a micro-color CMOS video camera that is ideal for medical devices and

ScoutCam 1.2 – human hand video sample

ScoutCam offers the right solution for the condition-based monitoring (CBM) of machines and

ScoutCam 3.0 CCD camera inside a metal sleeve

This video demonstrates ScoutCam 3mm camera capabilities inside a metal sleeve. ScoutCam’s

ScoutCam Micro-Cameras Technology

Pioneering the use of its visualization and AI platform, ScoutCam’s Camera-as-a-Sensor™

ScoutCam 1.2 CMOS camera on German TV

ScoutCam is a global leader providing innovative micro visualization solutions, accompanied by

Chief Demonstrations Officer of Cisco Talks About ScoutCam Technology

“This little device that you see underneath my quarter (25 cents coin) here is a camera that has

NASA’s VIPIR Tool with ScoutCam Camera

The video shows the success in use of ScoutCam HD micro video camera in NASA’s robotic refueling
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