The micro ScoutCam™ 6.5 Lum S is a sleek, hi-tech micro camera that draws on the sophisticated technology of our acclaimed micro ScoutCam™ line of products.

Advanced 6.5mm diameter CMOS camera integrated with LEDs makes the micro ScoutCam™ 6.5 Lum S a perfect solution for medical and industrial applications.

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Key Features

  • Ready for integration into medical and other facilities in the industrial world.
  • 6 integrated LEDs enabling Illumination in extremely narrow and dark spaces.
  • Fully Sterializable.
  • Completely waterproof.

Potential industrial applications

  • Remote non-destructive testing
  • Micro drilling inspection
  • Cavities inspection
  • Tube inspection
  • Robotic tooling


Modelmicro ScoutCam™ 6.5 Lum S
Image pick-up deviceCMOS
Pixel size2.2 μm  x 2.2 μm
Effective pixels44,880
Resolution400px X 400px
Video outputsHDMI (2 outlets)
System functionsWhite Balance, Automatic Gain Control, Color Correction, Brightness Control, Freeze.
Input voltage100V – 240V AC; 50-60Hz
Camera head housingStainless Steel
Field of view100° / 130°
Depth of field5mm – 50mm / 2mm – 6mm
Pixel size3.0 μm  x 3.0 μm
Cable length (default)3 m (Max – 8m)
Type of video processormicro ScoutCam™ DSPO

Required accessories: 

  • HDMI monitor