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ScoutCam Granted Canadian Patent for New Endoscope Irrigation Technology

ScoutCam’s Revolutionary Healthcare Technology Further Showcases Company’s Environmentally Resistant & Durable Cameras

ScoutCam’s Revolutionary Healthcare Technology Further Showcases Company’s Environmentally Resistant & Durable Cameras

OMER, Israel, June 12, 2020 – ScoutCam, a leading developer and manufacturer of customized visual solutions and supplementary technologies, today announced the approval of its endoscope irrigation patent in Canada. The patented technology, which has already been approved for patents in other jurisdictions, including the United States, European Union, and Japan, showcases the resistance and durability of ScoutCam’s micro-cameras as well as the Company’s ability to reduce the diameter of its devices compared with competing endoscopes/borescopes with traditional irrigation technology, further positioning ScoutCam as a leader in the medical, industrial and aeronautic/defense sectors.

The patent features ScoutCam’s micro-ScoutCam, which has been integrated into medical endoscope devices in an effort to make endoscopies less invasive and thereby contributing to the evolution of the healthcare industry. The technology covered in the patent allows adding irrigation to an endoscope without the need for an additional tube dedicated for fluids. The innovative offering saves space within the tube by unifying the water with other channels within the endoscope, which allows ScoutCam to design and manufacture an endoscope with irrigation smaller in diameter than competing devices, while using the same sensors.

“The smaller the endoscope diameter, the more pathologies it can help detect and help treat,” said Yaron Silberman, Chief Executive Officer of ScoutCam. “ScoutCam’s patented irrigation technology not only reduces the device diameter, but also increases the ability to see in various anatomical parts and can streamline the endoscopic process.”

In order to implement the patented technology, ScoutCam cameras are embedded in the space where water flows freely, further proving that the Company’s cameras are waterproof and resistant to damage in various environmental conditions. This patent-protected technology has previously been used in a therapeutic endoscope that was cleared for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

For more information on the micro-ScoutCam as well as the company’s additional developments, please visit:

About ScoutCam
ScoutCam is a leading provider of customized visual solutions for organizations across a variety of industries in the form of highly resistant micro cameras and supplementary technologies. ScoutCam devices are used across the medical, aerospace, industrial, research and defense industries.

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