Medigus (TASE:MDGS) completed a public issuance of shares and options in the total amount of NIS 24.8 million

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Omer, Israel - October 21, 2013

Medigus Ltd (TASE: MDGS) is pleased to announce that it completed a public issuance of shares and options on Thursday, October 17, 2013, in the total amount of NIS 24.8 million (approximately $7 million). During the issuance, which was held pursuant to the company's shelf prospectus, the company issued approximately 34.5 million shares at NIS 0.72 per share, constituting approximately 21% of the present voting rights in the company, together with approximately 17.3 million options with an exercise price of NIS 1.08 with a 3-year exercise period. OrbiMed Israel as well as US investment funds took part in the offering. The company is grateful to its investors for their participation in the shelf offer.


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