micro ScoutCam™ technology – The premium in high image quality video camera for medical applications2019-07-03T17:27:07+00:00

micro ScoutCam™ , the medical camera series, offer 1.2mm – 6.5mm diameter micro cameras.

It features a micro medical camera equipped with micro CCD / CMOS sensors and ultimate image technology which cover a broad scale of innovative medical applications. The ScoutCam 1.2 is the gold standard for direct visualization in confined areas of the human anatomy.

It is already in use as medical inspection camera, for fiber optic endoscopes, as endoscopy camera, gastroscopy camera, laparoscopy camera, urology camera, arthroscopy camera, gynecology camera, surgical camera, ent camera etc.

  • World smallest CMOS & CCD video medical cameras.
  • Custom-tailored options and complementing solutions.
  • Superior image quality & excellent customizable optics.
  • Unique waterproof cameras.
  • High-end HDMI DSP video processor with advanced image processing algorithms & video recording capability.

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