Video Gallery

ScoutCam Micro-Cameras Technology

ScoutCam on Ynet – When NASA Deploys ScoutCam’s Miniature HD Camera in Space

micro ScoutCam™ 1.0 mm – The smallest camera in the world

Real time heart imaging with ScoutCam 1.2

micro ScoutCam™ 1.0 mm – A customized visualization solution for a variety of medical applications

micro ScoutCam™ 1.5mm video of a color bar

Hollowed 1.9mm screw inspection

ScoutCam 1.2 CMOS camera -Stent

ScoutCam 1.2 CMOS camera on German TV

ScoutCam 3.0 CCD camera- inside a metal sleeve

ScoutCam 3.45 – human hand video sample

Lap view of MUSE™ endoscopic procedure utilizing ScoutCam micro visualization technology

ScoutCam 1.8 thread drilling inspection

ScoutCam 1.2 CMOS camera – knee exploration

NASA’s VIPIR tool on orbit with ScoutCam 1.2