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New data about the variety of options that these high-end custom-tailored, small cameras, based on the ScoutCam technology, offer.

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Micro-Cameras Bring New Video Applications into Focus

By Ellen Fischl Bodner|March 8, 2021|Industrial|

Innovation in imaging for aerospace and defense has gone micro. Powerful, yet tiny micro-cameras can now provide unique streaming-video solutions for a wide range of applications requiring highly robust systems for direct visualization under extremely harsh conditions.

Where Are They Going? Innovative Borescopes & Endoscopes

By Ellen Fischl Bodner|February 4, 2021|Industrial|

Borescopes and Endoscopic cameras. From a bird’s eye view, these may seem similar: a flexible or rigid tube with Chip-on-Tip / CMOS technology. Zooming in, we can appreciate the powerful capabilities they provide for a spectrum of visualization applications -- in aerospace, industrial inspection, defense/security, research, and of course, cutting-edge medicine. Let’s examine some innovations and trends.

Support | COVID-19 Response

By Ellen Fischl Bodner|January 19, 2021|Medical|

Riding the waves of the COVID 19 pandemic continues to be challenging for organizations worldwide. We are here to support you.

Medical Camera Benefits

By Ellen Fischl Bodner|December 29, 2020|Medical|

Thanks to continual advances and miniaturization, today’s sophisticated medical cameras can see where our eyes cannot: for diagnosis, delivering therapy, performing surgery, as well as researching tomorrow’s treatments.

Disposable Endoscopes / Single-use Endoscopes

By Ellen Fischl Bodner|December 24, 2020|Medical|

Demand for single-use endoscopes has increased significantly even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Disposable devices assure patient-specific care while reducing risk of infection/contamination.