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Medicine is an ever-evolving field, constantly opting to deepen its knowledge of human biology and
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Support | COVID-19 Response

Riding the waves of the COVID 19 pandemic continues to be challenging for organizations worldwide.
how does a medical camera sees through the body

The Journey: How a Medical Camera Sees Through The Body

Medical body cameras , such as endoscopes and fiberscope cameras, enable clinicians to see directly
Disposable endoscopes

Disposable Endoscopes / Single-use Endoscopes

Demand for single-use endoscopes has increased significantly even before the outbreak of the

Bronchoscopy Cameras & Bronchoscopy Equipment

Pulmonary diagnostic centers, hospitals and clinics require both rigid and flexible bronchoscopes
Surgical Challenges During a Pandemic

Surgical Challenges During a Pandemic

We are at sea in the midst of unprecedented challenges for global health care brought on by
Medical Camera Benefits

Medical Camera Benefits

Thanks to continual advances and miniaturization, today’s sophisticated medical cameras can see
Medical Supply Investments

Increase in the Medical Supply Investments as a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical supplies and technology have dominated both media
ScoutCam micro camera

ScoutCam: The company that takes on ‘seemingly impossible missions’ in micro imaging technology

Israeli firm ScoutCam was spun out of Medigus — a medical device company that specialises

How COVID19 Propelled Innovation Across the Healthcare Industry

Four months after the coronavirus began to drastically change life in the U.S., there’s finally
Disposable (single use) camera for invasive medical applications

Disposable (single use) camera for invasive medical applications

In the modern medicine and according to the biohazard epidemiological principles, there is a clear

Could Technology Advance the Future of Endoscopic Procedures?

Endoscopes are evolving to minimize infections and the impact of procedures. How can technology
Smallest Camera

The Smallest Camera in the World

Since the dawn of modern medicine, doctors have pursed the use of technology to help them see
Miniature Cameras

Miniature Cameras – The Big Picture

Abstract Recent medical trends have highlighted the functionality and value of miniature cameras.
Woman having a video conference on a laptop

How Video Lent a Hand When COVID-19 Disrupted Medical Supply Chains

COVID-19 had a particular impact on medical processes, with the effect on the medical device
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