Predictive Maintenance With Image-Based AI

5 Steps To Predictive Maintenance With Image-Based AI

Industry4.0 organizations are seeking innovative solutions to help gather critical data that present
predictive maintenance in transportation

Exploring Predictive Maintenance Systems in the Transportation Industry

Maintenance modernization has become critical to keeping aircraft, railways and fleets operating
machine learning for predictive maintenance in aviation

Machine Learning Use Cases for Condition Based Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance in Aviation

Machine learning has become a critical element of aviation predictive maintenance systems. Its
Predictive Maintenance Machine Learning

The Benefits of Using Machine Learning to Predict Maintenance

Condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance help organizations across all industries, such
Predictive maintenance analytics

How Big Data and Analytics Are Transforming Predictive Maintenance

Machines generate and store an astronomical amount of data. For instance, a single aircraft engine
Micro FPV Camera Applications in Security & Defense

5 Micro FPV Camera Applications for Security & Defense

The FPV (first-person view) camera allows its user to see remotely controlled operations. It is thus
How to Choose a Scientific Microscope Camera

What to Look for in a Scientific Microscope Camera?

Scientific microscopes are used for countless purposes; from tissue analysis, through examining
Disposable (single use) camera for invasive medical applications

Micro-Cameras Bring New Video Applications into Focus

Figure 1. ScoutCam micro-camera with fiber optic illumination (net camera Ф1.2mm). The first
Innovative Borescopes & Endoscopes

Where Are They Going? Innovative Borescopes & Endoscopes

Borescopes and Endoscopic cameras. From a bird’s eye view, these may seem similar: a flexible or

Lensless Ultra-Miniature CMOS Computational Imagers and Sensors

Abstract We describe a new class of lensless, ultra-miniature computational imagers and image
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