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What to Look for in a Scientific Microscope Camera?

By Grace Michaeli|Industrial|

Scientific microscopes are used for countless purposes; from tissue analysis, through examining forensic evidence, and all the way to deciphering atomic structures. Though their uses vary, their construction shares one essential requirement – a superior micro camera.

5 Micro FPV Camera Applications for Security & Defense

By Grace Michaeli|Industrial|

The FPV (first-person view) camera allows its user to see remotely controlled operations. It is thus used in remotely-controlled vehicles or crafts, applied in many fields, but heavily used in applications for security and defense. The benefits of using such technology range from security, through affordability, and to manpower consideration. What is an FPV Micro Camera for?

Micro-Cameras Bring New Video Applications into Focus

By Ellen Fischl Bodner|Industrial|

Innovation in imaging for aerospace and defense has gone micro. Powerful, yet tiny micro-cameras can now provide unique streaming-video solutions for a wide range of applications requiring highly robust systems for direct visualization under extremely harsh conditions.

Where Are They Going? Innovative Borescopes & Endoscopes

By Ellen Fischl Bodner|Industrial|

Borescopes and Endoscopic cameras. From a bird’s eye view, these may seem similar: a flexible or rigid tube with Chip-on-Tip / CMOS technology. Zooming in, we can appreciate the powerful capabilities they provide for a spectrum of visualization applications -- in aerospace, industrial inspection, defense/security, research, and of course, cutting-edge medicine. Let’s examine some innovations and trends.

Endoscopes evolve

By Michelle Jacobson|Industrial|

Endoscopes have evolved since Philipp Bozzini first developed the device in 1806, with modern versions using fiber-optics, light sources, improved optical components, and cameras placed at their distal tip....