predictive maintenance savings

How Much Money Can Predictive Maintenance Save You?

In the event of planned downtime, there are unavoidable costs. These costs consist of labor
maintenance 4.0

What is Maintenance 4.0? The Future of Predictive Maintenance

As Industry 4.0 organizations continue to gravitate to more advanced modes of operation, it is only
Predictive maintenance analytics

The Future of Predictive Maintenance Analytics

A large-scale shift is occurring in maintenance that has organizations transitioning from
Benefits of predictive maintenance

The Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

There are real operational, financial and quality benefits to implementing condition-based
Predictive Maintenance Technology

What is the Difference Between Preventive and Predictive Maintenance?

The maintenance strategies organizations use have a large impact on how well they can maintain and
IoT In Predictive Maintenance

What Is The Role Of IoT In Predictive Maintenance?

IoT has become a fundamental part of every industry. It provides the connectivity and flexibility
Predictive Maintenance AI

The Role of AI in Predictive Maintenance

AI has become a necessary element of predictive maintenance. With it, organizations can evaluate Big
ai based predictive maintenance

5 Steps To Predictive Maintenance With Image-Based AI

Industry4.0 organizations are seeking innovative solutions to help gather critical data that present
Predictive Maintenance Machine Learning

The Benefits of Using Machine Learning to Predict Maintenance

Condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance help organizations across all industries, such
predictive maintenance data analytics

How Big Data and Analytics Are Transforming Predictive Maintenance

Machines generate and store an astronomical amount of data. For instance, a single aircraft engine
disposable medical devices

Micro-Cameras Bring New Video Applications into Focus

Figure 1. ScoutCam micro-camera with fiber optic illumination (net camera Ф1.2mm). The first
miniature cmos camera

Lensless Ultra-Miniature CMOS Computational Imagers and Sensors

Abstract We describe a new class of lensless, ultra-miniature computational imagers and image
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