Industry: Elevators

Application:Monitoring of rope condition for elevators.

Scoutcam deliverables / products: ScoutCam’s Camera-as-a-Sensor™ solution along with a high-end AI platform, can inspect and provide an image analysis of inaccessible areas, thus enabling to recognize anomalies in the rope condition of an elevator.


Challenges: Reach unapproachable areas and monitor problems in elevators like no other sensor.

Solution: Installed ScoutCam proprietary visualization system can monitor rope strands and rusty ropes of an elevator.

Benefits: This groundbreaking development allows the customer to inspect places that were challenging to reach before, thus enabling them to increase data monitoring and save budgetary and human resources.

Improving reliability, performance, and elevator safety are among the top priorities for any OEM and end-user today. Monitoring the rope condition of any elevator ahead of time, can help screen a broken rope strand or any rusty rope conditions. Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) can help focus the efforts and resources on controlling costs. ScoutCam CBM solution, which utilizes the use of a proprietary camera and AI system in monitoring the rope condition and detecting rust, cable strands starting to break or crack and over/under lubrication of the ropes (which can accelerate the appearance of rust), can help elevator OEMs and maintenance service providers achieve a high return on investment of these critical assets.

The solution provides early warning notification and diagnosis of the rope condition, weeks or even months before failure. This technology, Camera-as-a-Sensor™, is robust and can work with a variety of background conditions, such as illumination, vibrations and more. It can assist businesses in reducing elevator downtime, extend the elevator cables lifespan, increase reliability and improve performance and safety while decreasing maintenance expenses.

The effectiveness of elevator networks using real-time monitoring is critical to the functioning of businesses, especially those whose industries require the mobility of personnel or products covering the entire organization.

Elevator ropes have proven to be a critical pain point for monitoring and maintenance, as human visual inspection cannot guarantee 100% coverage of intricate anomalies along hundreds of meters of cable. With elevator ropes running along elevator shafts and wrapped in motor room and motor-room-less setups, ScoutCam Camera-as-a-Sensor™ platform meets the technical requirements for size and vibration conditions. In addition, using advanced visualization solution for fast moving and rotating equipment, ScoutCam’s platform can monitor the rope while its moving at high speeds, reaching tens of m/s at peak speeds.

This allows for the monitoring and alerting in real-time in case of an impending failure, which may lead to elevator downtime, frustrated customers as well as major expenses in the form of spare parts, labor and penalties. Implementing a live data visualization, analysis, reporting, and prediction, the platform is uniquely designed for inspecting hard to reach spaces. ScoutCam’s platform is designed to create a rich and informative visual data, along with machine learning AI models to provide real-time analytics as a base for predictive outcomes and insights.

Broken elevator rope strandBroken elevator rope strand
Rusty elevator ropesRusty elevator ropes
Stages of rusty elevator ropesStages of rusty elevator ropes


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