Industry: Elevators

Application: Monitoring counterweight runby for elevators.

Scoutcam deliverables / products: ScoutCam’s Camera-as-a-Sensor™ solution along with a high-end AI platform, can inspect and provide an image analysis of inaccessible areas, thus enabling to recognize anomalies in the counterweight runby of an elevator.


Challenges: Reach unapproachable areas and monitor problems in elevators like no other sensor.

Solution: Installed ScoutCam proprietary visualization system can monitor the counterweight runby of an elevator.

Benefits: This groundbreaking development allows the customer to inspect places that were challenging to reach before, thus enabling them to increase data monitoring and save budgetary and human resources.

One of the key elevator safety inspection checklists is the monitoring of the counterweight runby distance, which is typically required to be at least 100mm above the buffer. A visual inspection is performed monthly while an actual measurement is only performed once a year. The change in distance stems from the stretching of the elevator cables. With varying types of elevators, workloads and building heights, the counterweight runby distance can change up to 1cm every month.
In the case where the counterweight touches the buffer, the elevator controller translates this as an emergency mode, immediately stopping the elevator operations, which may lead to a trap situation if the elevator has passengers in it.

At the heart of that monitoring and to ensure the safety of an elevator, ScoutCam is applying its proprietary visualization solution to continuously inspect the counterweight runby distance in real time and apply its unique image-based AI capabilities to issue alerts once the distance passes the allowable threshold. In addition, collecting these vast amounts of data enables elevator OEMs, operators and maintenance service providers insights into the development trend of an impending fault based on the continuous measurement of distance. For example, an abnormal stretch of the elevator cables at certain periods during the year, required adjustments of related mechanical items, etc.
In such narrowed spaces, ScoutCam’s Camera-as-a-Sensor™ platform meets the technical requirements for size, harsh conditions and AI capabilities, thus enabling to monitor and alert in real-time in case of an impending failure, which may lead to the loss of time and money, and even to loss of life. Implementing live data visualization, analysis, reporting, and prediction, the platform is uniquely designed for elevator monitoring replacing the need for a technician to reach down into the elevator pit for visual inspection and measurement purposes. ScoutCam’s platform is designed to create a rich and informative visual data, along with machine learning AI models to provide real-time analytics as a base for predictive outcomes and insights. The platform is modularly structured to allow benefits from each of its building’s blocks, from collection of video data before the counterweight runby reaches the buffer, while potentially triggering the safety circuit interruption and leading to a mantrap situation.



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