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Security & Defense: Micro-Surveillance Cameras

Undetectable AV solutions are required for security and defense: micro-surveillance cameras that provide superior visualization and protection. Robustness, discreet lightweight size, all-weather capabilities according to military grade high-definition (HD) imaging and transmission requirements — all are critical for tactical video surveillance systems. Most micro security cameras, however, are cumbersome and lack versatility and flexible configurations. For Homeland Security (HLS) and defense, military surveillance cameras must comply with government standards and processes. Complex specs for wireless micro-camera systems, military security cameras, law-enforcement drone surveillance cameras, and aerial surveillance cameras typically require night vision and motion detection capabilities. Such highly specialized needs demand customized visualization solutions with field-proven technology and trusted partners.

Customized Tactical Video Surveillance Systems

Imperceptible AV recording requires robust, customizable solutions that seamlessly blend into surroundings. The micro ScoutCam™ is the world’s smallest camera, 1mm. A tiny footprint enables installation in discreet locations as well as inspection through tight openings down to millimeters in diameter. With Chip-on-Tip technology, these solutions can be incorporated into delicate remote-controlled projects, including missions utilizing robots.

This field-proven core technology is recognized by global customers also in medical, aerospace, industrial and research applications. An issue of Aerospace & Defense Technology highlights micro-visualization technology and recent developments. Selected by NASA for several International Space Station missions, these micro-camera systems have been validated for the harshest environmental conditions.


Security and defense organizations can benefit from micro surveillance cameras and customized imaging solutions with full integration of cutting-edge technology and components:

  • Wide range of micro-cameras from 1.0mm diameter designed for multiple applications
  • Microphone components from leading manufacturers ensure delivery of the best sound quality in an extremely compact form
  • Power source components field-proven for reliability, durability, leveraging knowledge gained in the field of wireless medical devices to ensure a reliable source of power for a specified time
  • DVR with remote and fixed base recording capabilities (optional components for both remote site and home base)
  • Transmission including wired to 30m from the listening point to reduce risk of detection
  • Integrated illumination allows for high-quality imagining while maintaining small diameter in single-use and multi-use micro cameras
  • Waterproof construction enables a wide array of investigations in wet environments

Tiny Micro Security Cameras with Massive Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Customized micro-visualization solutions for tactical video surveillance systems are based on flexible “building blocks” consisting of the core in-house technology and complementary components:

  • Micro CMOS Sensors include proprietary and off-the-shelf, high-resolution miniature sensors from 40Kpx to HD
  • Proprietary optic designs and micro-lenses assembly
  • High-end DSP video processors providing optimal image quality
  • Borescope leading types including rigid, semi-flexible, steerable and flexible
  • Highly resistant cameras (vibrations, temperature, vacuum, radiation, magnets, etc.)
  • Superior illumination using FO or LED
  • Long, lightweight cables with cable diameter of 0.58 mm and cable-length of up to 30m+

 ScoutCam is redefining tactical video surveillance systems through robust, customized AV solutions smaller than ever before.

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