Medical Imaging Solutions

Challenges abound for medical imaging solutions. Each clinical indication has its unique needs for specialized endoscopy and laparoscopy procedures — in ENT, dentistry, bronchoscopy, gastroenterology, general surgery, cardiology, gynecology, urology, and orthopedics. Clinicians require superior illumination and irrigation, while maximizing their working channel to assure optimal clinical results for their patients. Yet endoscopic and laparoscopic devices often range from 1.5-3.0mm in diameter and off-the-shelf units lack in versatility. Plus there is the growing demand for single-use devices in healthcare, so cost-effectiveness is more of a factor than ever.

The Advantage of Customized Medical Imaging Solutions

A tiny footprint enables larger working channels, especially crucial for procedures within small-diameter minimally invasive procedures. The micro ScoutCam™ is the world’s smallest medical device camera, 1.0mm including illumination. There is over two decades of clinical experience covering the company’s core technology for medical endoscope cameras. Today, there are partnerships with Fortune 500 multinational health care companies to develop, manufacture and supply complete visualization solutions. This clinically proven core technology is recognized as the medical equipment benchmark for mineralization. The Chip-on-Tip technology is designed especially for minimally invasive procedures requiring medical device cameras.


Medical equipment providers can benefit from customized medical imaging solutions that utilize clinically proven miniature medical-device cameras with full integration of the latest micro endoscopic camera technology and related components:
  • Integrated illumination allows for high-quality imagining while maintaining small diameter from 1mm in single-use and multi-use micro cameras.
  • Patented system for integrated irrigation of camera head, reducing overall diameter and streamlining the endoscopic process
  • Waterproof construction enables a wide array of investigations in wet environments
  • Single-use design via integrated irrigation and illumination systems
  • Wireless transmission ideal for OR use via option for zero latency wireless video transmission – RF protected and resistant to magnetic fields

Tiny Medical Device Cameras with Massive Flexibility

Tailored micro-visualization solutions for procedures requiring medical imaging are based on flexible “building blocks” consisting of the core in-house technology and complementary components:

Partnering with leading medical equipment providers, ScoutCam is refining the quality of health care through visual solutions that are less invasive and smaller than ever before.

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