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The field of ENT endoscopy demands close contact between patients and healthcare providers, and requires disposable endoscopes with high-quality imaging that can map and scan the complex anatomy of the ear, nose and throat regions.

Studies have shown that due to higher levels of viral shedding, especially from within the throat and nasal cavity, otolaryngologists face a higher risk of contracting viruses. This is mainly due to the frequent use of irrigation during endoscopic procedures that require close contact with patients, leaving healthcare providers exposed and unprotected.

The Advantage of Micro Nasal Endoscopy Cameras

Nasal endoscopy procedures can be somewhat complex and delicate and therefore, require precision and accuracy to prevent possible trauma within the nasal canal. Currently, the diameter of existing endoscopes ranges between 2.7mm to 4.00mm with viewing angles.

At 1.0 – 1.2mm diameter, the micro ScoutCam™ is the world’s smallest patented medical device camera, which includes both illumination and irrigation. With over two decades of clinical experience in its customizable imaging technology, size, illumination, built-in irrigation system as well as its high suitability for disposable devices, make ScoutCam’s imaging solutions ideal for delicate ENT procedures.

Clinical Applications for Advanced ENT Endoscopy Cameras

Clinical uses of advanced ENT endoscopy cameras range from diagnostic, to therapeutic and surgical. Though a wide variety of fields of medicine can benefit from disposable endoscopes with high-definition micro-camera video technology, and customizable healthcare equipment, Scoutcam’s advanced technology can transform the field of ENT.


ScoutCam’s endoscopy equipment with high quality imagining can revolutionize diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the field of ENT. Endoscopes with the integrated miniature cameras have the following features that sharpen and improve image quality even further:

  • Integrated illumination system: allowing for improved imaging through narrow and delicate cavities, while maintaining a diameter of 1.0mm.

  • Integrated irrigation of head camera: a patented solution allowing for overall diameter reduction and endoscopic process streamlining.

  • Waterproof construction: rendering the high-definition micro-camera ENT endoscope perfect for procedures in wet environments.

  • Single-use design: increasing the safety and decreasing risk for infections and viruses via integrated irrigation and illumination systems.

  • Wireless video transmission: allowing for a seamless procedure via option for low-latency wireless video transmission.

Micro-Endoscopy Offers Boundless Potential

Micro-imaging solutions paired with advanced medical technologies benefit both patients and healthcare providers. These micro-endoscopy solutions are based on ScoutCam’s in-house technology and include the following features:

  • Micro CMOS Sensors high-resolution miniature sensors from 40Kpx to HD.

  • Proprietary Optic Designs and micro-lenses assembly.

  • Cutting-Edge DSP Video Processors offering prime image quality.

  • Endoscopes ranging from rigid, semi-flexible, steerable and flexible.

  • Superior Illumination using F.O. or LED

  • Long and Light Cables with a diameter of 0.58mm and a cable length of up to 30m.

  • Ultrasound Option for guidance into position when visibility is limited

  • Procedure-specific tools allowing for lower costs and increasing procedure affordability.

Partnering with leading medical equipment providers, ScoutCam strives to refine healthcare services and equipment through advanced visualization solutions that are more accurate and smaller than ever before.

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