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Aviation Borescopes

Aircraft engine inspections are conducted every 100 hours for every active aircraft. There are two crucial principles to any aircraft inspection; the procedure is non-destructive, and sufficiently determines the airworthiness of the aircraft without damaging the engine’s functionality; the boroscopy equipment adequately and meticulously reflects the condition of the engine through high-resolution visuals. ScoutCam’s high-definition visualization technology, adjustable and resistant micro-camera can capture malfunctions in particularly inaccessible spaces.

High-End Visualization Solutions for Aircraft Borescopes

Aside from the obvious advantage of having a visualization tool that can offer high-resolution imaging and more than the traditional flexibility demanded of any borescope, ScoutCam’s camera can withstand harsh environmental conditions. In fact, devices developed by ScoutCam and its micro video technology have been validated by NASA, providing it with a quality stamp. The more refined and advanced the equipment, the better can the aviation and aerospace technician detect potential malfunctions. The efficiency of these inspections is not only vital, it is a life-saving practice. Furthermore, conducting such a test with a quality borescope is the most crucial aspect in aircraft maintenance.

Micro ScoutCam™ camera is a patented miniature camera, of only 1.0 mm diameter, making it the smallest in the world. Moreover, ScoutCam ensures that its core visualization technology can be incorporated into a large scope of professional equipment in different fields. The field of aviation requires a high-performance and standards, along with precision and the utmost advanced equipment. Current devices still have a long way to go when it comes to efficiency of their visualization solutions. This is exactly why ScoutCam’s customizable micro-camera, water and vibration proof, is the ultimate solution.

Industrial Applications for Advanced Aviation Borescopes

Since aviation borescopes are indeed a crucial maintenance procedure, ensuring that the aircraft engine is inspected even in places that are not visible to the human eye, having a high-resolution micro-camera could make all the difference. Aviation borescope video systems should be constantly developed and improved to produce better inspection results.


The field of aviation borescopes, as well as other inspection option devices, can be transformed with ScoutCam’s high-definition micro-camera. Our aviation borescope includes the following components:

  • Patented Micro Camera: 1.0mm diameter, tailorable and customizable for numerous applications.

  • Video Transmission: consisting of a wire of up to 30m from inspection point.

  • Integrated Illumination: improving high-quality imaging while maintaining small diameter and single-use as well as multi-use micro cameras.

  • Waterproof, vibration and vacuum: the camera and device can withstand all these and allow for a wide array of inspections, of different systems and under extreme environmental conditions.

Tiny Cameras with Massive Impact

Our adjustable micro-imaging technology is based on customizable “building blocks” that allow us to create advanced equipment in the field of aviation and aerospace, while building around our core in-house visualization technology. These solutions feature the following:

  • Micro CMOS image sensors: including proprietary and off-the-shelf, high-resolution miniature sensors from 40Kpx to HD

  • Proprietary optic designs: along with micro-lenses assembly

  • High-end DSP video processors providing optimal image quality

  • Borescopes – Leading types including rigid, semi-flexible, steerable and flexible endoscopes.

  • Highly resistant cameras: (vibrations, temperature, vacuum, radiation, magnets, etc.)

  • Superior illumination: using FO or LED

  • Long, lightweight cables: with cable diameter of 0.58 mm and cable-length of up to 30m+

ScoutCam constantly strives to revolutionize and advance the field of aviation and the visualization technology in every industrial field. We understand the significance of high-end visualization equipment.