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Industrial Micro Inspection Cameras

ScoutCam’s resilient Camera-as-a-Sensor™ opens a whole new opportunity for Industry 4.0 solutions to adapt the tiny micro-camera in tight locations and harsh environments for robotics solutions, production machines, and more. ScoutCam micro-cameras support all major industrial standards and are available as a customized solution. One can use a single micro-camera to detect image-changes, another can use 2 or more cameras to deliver stereo vision with measurements capabilities:

  • 2D measurements
  • 3D measurements with stereo vision
  • Object-detection and counting/sorting
  • Quality assurance  and defects-detection

Industrial leaders in the automobile industry, aviation, and energy utilities require inspection procedures optimized for today’s complex machinery. Yet, conventional predictive maintenance is severely limiting; accelerator shock sensors only provide patterns, lacking visual information. Advanced predictive maintenance demands video inspection via high-quality industrial inspection cameras based on the internet of things (IoT). Remote inspection applications include narrow and challenging environments where humans cannot intervene, often requiring robots. Plus, integrating video inspection according to an organization’s requirements, engineering standards and production platforms is quite challenging. Mindfulness of cost-performance factors is essential. Leading industrial organizations now seek customized visualization solutions with field-proven technology and trusted partners.

The Advantage of ScoutCam’s visualization technology for Conditioned Based Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance solutions

To meet today’s challenges, major industries are turning to miniaturized visualization solutions – industrial video inspection solutions based on robust, highly specialized micro-inspection cameras that integrate with any engineering or production platform. Leveraging field-proven core technology, a tiny footprint enables visualization through tight openings down to a few millimeters in diameter. Such customized micro-inspection cameras can be integrated for applications requiring industrial borescopes (flexible / rigid borescopes and micro borescopes) and industrial endoscope cameras. With Chip-on-Tip technology, customized solutions provide high resolution required for complex, remote-controlled projects, including applications utilizing robots. Major companies like Rolls Royce, public-sector organizations like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and global Fortune 500 health care companies integrate ScoutCam micro-visualization solutions in their products and systems. An issue of Aerospace & Defense Technology has highlighted this technology and developments. Robustness of the micro video technology has been validated with NASA in the harsh conditions of outer space: extreme temperatures (-127°C – +100°C), vacuum, vibrations, and radiation.


For industrial use, customized imaging solutions utilize miniature visual inspection cameras with full integration of micro-camera technology and related components:

  • Wide range of micro-cameras from 1.0mm diameter designed for multiple applications
  • Saving on machine-maintenance costs resulting from advanced Industrial 4.0 predictive maintenance strategy and tiny critical components

  • Transmission including wired to 30m from the inspection point

  • Integrated illumination allows for high-quality imagining while maintaining small diameter in single-use and multi-use micro cameras
  • Waterproof and vibration constructions enable a wide array of investigations in challenging environmental conditions

Tiny Visual Inspection Cameras with Massive Flexibility

Tailored micro-visualization solutions for industrial video inspection are based on flexible “building blocks” consisting of the core in-house technology and complementary components:

  • Micro CMOS sensors include proprietary and off-the-shelf, high-resolution miniature sensors from 40Kpx to HD

  • Proprietary optic designs and micro-lenses assembly
  • High-end DSP video processors providing optimal image quality
  • Borescope leading types including rigid, semi-flexible, steerable and flexible
  • Superior illumination using FO or LED
  • Long, Lightweight Cables with cable diameter of 0.58 mm and cable-length of up to 30m+

ScoutCam is redefining industrial video inspection through customized high resolution, high performance visualization solutions smaller than ever before.

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