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New data about the variety of options that these high-end custom-tailored, small cameras, based on the ScoutCam technology, offer.

Increased Investment in Medical Supply Companies microcamera

Increased Investment in Medical Supply Companies As a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical supplies and technology have dominated both media headlines and the health care frontlines.

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ScoutCam micro camera

ScoutCam: The company that takes on ‘seemingly impossible missions’ in micro imaging

Israeli firm ScoutCam was spun out of Medigus — a medical device company that specialises in minimally-invasive endosurgical tools — in 2019

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Lensless Ultra-Miniature CMOS Computational Imagers and Sensors

We describe a new class of lensless, ultra-miniature computational imagers and image sensors employing special optical phase gratings integrated with CMOS photodetector matrices.

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Miniature Cameras – The Big Picture

Recent medical trends have highlighted the functionality and value of miniature cameras.

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Could Technology Advance the Future of Endoscopic Procedures?

Endoscopes are evolving to minimize infections and the impact of procedures. How can technology help?

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How COVID19 Propelled Innovation Across the Healthcare Industry

Four months after the coronavirus began to drastically change life in the U.S., there’s finally some good news after Pfizer was awarded $1.95 Billion to produce a vaccine by year’s end.

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Micro camera compared to a pigment liner

Disposable (single use) camera for invasive medical applications

In the modern medicine and according to the biohazard epidemiological principles, there is a clear tendency towards single use (disposable) invasive devices.

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Micro camera compared to a pigment liner

The Smallest Camera in the World

Since the dawn of modern medicine, doctors have pursed the use of technology to help them see into the human body…

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Medical endoscopes

Endoscopes evolve

Endoscopes have evolved since Philipp Bozzini first developed the device in 1806, with modern versions using fiber-optics, light sources, improved optical components, and cameras placed at their distal tip….

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